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Prosecutors say the patient had entered her cellphone password in front of Luis.

ATLANTIC CITY -- A city resident and registered sex offender has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for luring a child to send him pornographic images.

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(AP) -- Prosecutors say a South Elgin nurse faces felony charges and is accused of stealing more than 60 "sensitive, personal photographs" and six videos from a patient's cellphone. Luis is charged with nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images and computer tampering.

The event, held at Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club, is a fundraiser for one of my favorite Bay Area non-profit organizations, MY NEW RED SHOES.

The 6th annual My New Red Shoes Clothing for Confidence fashion show and silent auction was held September 28th.

Several old photos depicting a man sexually abusing a young child were recovered inside a donated bag at a Salvation Army site in Columbus, Ohio. Officers with the Columbus Police Department received a call on Tuesday from a Salvation Army center on the south side of Columbus, a Grove City Police sergeant told Buzz Feed News.

Staff members had been inspecting a tote bag that someone had donated to the organization.“When employees went through it, they saw Polaroids of child pornography,” Sgt. White added that there were many photos, and about a dozen showed a man who was later identified as Gary Sovie, 49, raping a child. White added that several pieces of mail were recovered inside the bag that listed an address in Grove City.

White said there may be more victims, which is what authorities will continue to investigate.“We’re hoping against hope that it’s just this one case,” he said.

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