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Who is the same Without Tom Baker, the shit is just lame And what do you mean you’ve never seen Citizen Kane?

Nerd Rage Nerd Rage I got that Nerd Rage Nerd Rage Nerd-nerd Rage Nerd-nerd-nerd Nerd Rage (Go!

That's what it was like for people at the San Diego Comic Convention a couple of weeks ago.

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) Nerd-nerd Rage All my fellow nerds Oh, I know you understand All my fellow nerds Sing along if you can (We got that) Nerd Rage (We got that) Nerd Rage (We got that) Nerd Rage (We got that) Nerd Rage Nerd Rage What? He’s like one of the greatest writer/directors of our time!In the 1980s, the major online spaces outside of the proto-Internet were bulletin board systems, or BBSs: local or regional dial-up networks—often running on a single computer, or a handful of them—operated mostly by hobbyists and enthusiasts.In 1984, hacker/skateboarder/anarchist/artist Tom Jennings created Fido Net, a homespun alternative to ARPANET that connected BBSs together—40,000 of them by the mid-1990s.I interviewed some attendees, asking them why the came to the convention.Most folks I talked to cited the sense of community as a reason they came to the convention; that is, they wanted to be with other like-minded folks.

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