Validating an assessment tool

It includes an overview of how registered training organisations can develop a validation or moderation process, and a range of checklists that assessors can use as part of the assessment review process.A resource developed by Robin Booth, Berwyn Clayton, Robyn House and Sue Roy (PDF document) can be accessed from this link.

It also provides access to a range of case studies related to industry-based assessor networks.A validation might be conducted by the staff who work for the particular RTO or by a number of staff from different RTOs.It should involve one or more persons who are not directly involved in the particular instance of delivery and assessment of the training product being validated.The requirement in the Standards to undertake validation of assessment judgements does not affect your RTO’s ability to undertake moderation activities, or any other process aimed at increasing the quality of assessment.You could also work with other RTOs—from the same or different industry areas—and collaboratively validate each other’s assessment practices and judgements.

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