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Unless you are the WSL, it is impossible not to score. Everything you are picturing from your cubicle in LA, Sydney or NYC of Old World surf is Ericeira. Deeper reading will reveal that real estate prices are laughably low. Order the weirdest fish on the menu, eat the eyeball for maximum Portuguese local points (serious). To go to Lisbon and not go to Lux is incomprehensible. Across the border in Spain (conveniently off the highway) is the city of Salamanca. I implore you to Google it to see what I am talking about. A horrible clash in anyones books, grossly exaggerated by a face of acne scars and yellow teeth. A couple days in Cologne is a perfect amount of time to see the city.

Ericeira was the holiday destination of Portuguese royalty and it would be rude not to treat it as such. Go off piste, throw inhibitions to the wind, be the Shackleton of the joint. A road trip down the West Coast of France, North Coast of Spain and coast of Portugal then onto Morocco is a fine time indeed. Usually made by a brand that I won’t name, but it begins with J, ends with A and the middle three letters are ANG. He is the possible love child of Kala Alexander and Kaiborg. The “donner kebab.” This is a Turkish style kebab,… Bar carts with gold rails, hand carved mixing gadgets, illuminated backlighting — home bars these days can be really amazing. Tourists everywhere, business people rushing, stag parties commencing and Heineken tours being planned. You’ll remember we started this frozen journey through Europe in Berlin. A quick hour flight from Berlin will take you to Cologne, in northwest Germany.

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Ignore the questionable calls of the WSL and think Kate Moss late ’90s. Think red ’80s Mercedes with cream leather interiors, purring down cobbled streets. The Donesk’s peoples republic and Mogadishu are twinned with Peniche. You will be hard pushed to find a bad restaurant in Barrio Alto or Alfama in Lisbon. A recent experience at a Rip Curl party at “restaurant” near Peniche was reminiscent of the opening scene of Oliver Twist. Portugal is Europe and not ‘murica so you may drink at any age / time / place. Super Bock’s name does have a certain je ne sais quoi to it, so buy that strictly in multiples of 24. Somewhat unchartered (It probably isn’t, we have just been too busy drinking super bocks and scoring around central Portugal to notice). You are the Captain Cook of North Portugal, act accordingly. Peniche: Being a peninsular there are options a plenty. However stagger up on down the beach, around the corner, up, down, left, right and there are waves everywhere. A map of the area, and a viewing of recent free surfs around the competition site should be more than enough for reference. There is no closer place to feeling like a 21 century Don Quijote. (I can only hope he fired him, or the fashion police sentenced him to life) and B) was he aware of the gross fashion faux pas he was committing? If you can pile some layers of decadence on top, all the better. Here, bananas foster goes on top, making it slightly over-the-top, but that’s what weekend breakfast is for. Some sun, some drinks, some bros, some babes, some waves — it don’t get no better, except when all that rolls into dinner and drinks and beyond.

Think golden light, set ups of a thousand different flavours, Über babes for all tastes and the cheapest beer prices in western Europe. Delve deeper to explore why Portugal can be your dream….—Alexei Obolensky Lisbon. A melange of San Francisco (Bridge vibes), Rio (Hill vibes) and with a garnish of grandiose arcutechiure à la St Petersburg. Black high heels on the end of exceptional legs clatter down winding cobbled streets. Lisbon has the warmest winters of any capital European city. Embassies “advise all but essential travel” to Peniche. Local specialities include, fisherman’s fire water (worse than anything) and fisherman’s fire water with a fish eye in it (worse than anything with a fish eye in it). Unless being offered by a local, then accept graciously, have at least 3, and then gently enquire with your host as to sitting deeper on the peak. Supertubos can be amazing but is beyond crowded, fluro wetsuits and screams. Ericeira: Ericeira derives it’s name from Ouriceira, itself a derivative of Ouriço, referring to the name for Sea Urchin. But making that marathon till midnight doesn’t come easy. It’s a drink that throws back to LA’s golden age (though, as we showed you in issue 2, LA is pretty damn golden these days).

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Some persons listed might no longer be registered sex offenders and others might have been added.Marlboro Reds are smoked by girls in little black dresses with olive skin and sultry eyes. English as a language is welcome not scorned and it is incredibly affordable (not you Paris). There are Surf Camps but they look like the set of Black Hawk Down. And yes, you guessed it – it’s reefs play host to a whole party of Urchins. A well informed choice would be to hit the Algarve in the winter months, South swells and some of the warmest water going. Portuguese coffee is next level, although there are only two varieties; with or without milk. The Brown Derby, a nice blend of bourbon, citrus, and something sweet, was named after the famous Brown Derby restaurant, and invented in the `30s at the see-and-be-seen Vendome Club….Air Bn B is your friend here and you must stay in Barrio Alto or Alfama. The restaurants are as bland as the journalism on the Inertia. Coxos it the marquee spot, it is all time but it’s crowded. Portugal’s answer to a Flat white/Latte/Cappuccino is called a Galão and they are better than anything. The Mayor however is the happiest man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and refuses to wear shoes. A steak affair, with chips and sometimes an egg, it will satisfy but it is vanilla. There are great restaurants in Ericeira, there are sublime restaurants in the Algrave and Porto. Unless you are Portuguese they are both the same, cold they are delicious and they are always cheap. There are girls, there are boys, there are cocktails. It is the Oxford of Spain, it is ancient but young at the same time with beers at 40 cents. I was recently screamed at whilst aquatic dancing at a 2-foot beachy for “paddling around,” after having been dropped in on, twice by the prosecuting party (I still plead not guilty). The man in question was wearing a wetsuit that was a carbon copy of Uma Thurman’s costume of Kill Bill. My response to Uma Thurman in-between his flecks of spit and the adjective ‘fuck’ was to ask him politely but firmly; A) who his stylist is? As a rule, French toast on the weekend is a good call. There’s not a lot better than when the daytime festivities bleed right into some nighttime fun. But as soon as the aquatic dance has finished, leave Ericeria. Ericeria will make you question why you live where you live. For the more vanilla of you, the centre right voters, the long term relationship from age 17 – 25 kinda guy; Bitoque is your go to. It is as far removed from the world of surf as you can get, but perspective is a beautiful thing much yearned for. And as we all know already, Fluro wetsuits go hand in hand with, excuse my French, being a bit of a cunt. Yellow teeth that snarl out the words, ‘fuck off’, ‘go fucking in’ and somewhat contradicting ‘don’t fucking paddle’. Like Berlin, Cologne is chalked full of history, but…

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