Accommodating individuals with

• The need to consult with appropriate medical and/or disability specialists in order to validate medical and/or disability information, determine individual accommodation requirements and consult on specific accommodation issues is recognized in this policy.Policy Community Relations Accommodating Individuals With Disabilities Individuals with disabilities shall be provided an opportunity to participate in all school sponsored services, programs, or activities and will not be subject to illegal discrimination.The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) partners with businesses interested in the inclusion of people with disabilities into the workforce.We can help meet your workforce needs and expand your market share.Expenses over this amount will be funded through the CEAF.• Prior to any request for funds being made to the CEAF, managers shall explore alternative sources of funding (e.g.Workers Compensation Board, Ontario Assistive Devices Program, etc.).

ADA Questions and Answers A 31-page booklet giving an overview of the ADA's requirements for ensuring equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in employment, State and local government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and transportation, and requiring the establishment of TDD/telephone relay services. ensures that our clients are prepared to use our services by assisting with staff and employee training.The purpose of this policy is to:• Provide a clear statement of the obligations and responsibilities that are inherent in the University accommodation process, and• Provide guidance and standards for the implementation of this policy.ASD is an umbrella classification that presents many challenges for individuals in terms of social development and academic growth.It is important that all individuals are given the opportunity to experience the museum setting to their full ability.

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