Playfire trophy card not updating

I've had this account for a number of years now and my PSN gamercard is stuck with the last game being Borderlands 2 from about 3 years ago.

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Experience trophy stuck at 2180 TP, badge at 80/100 TP (level 22-urn of shadow icon). I put a lot of effort so that I can at least join a recent Battle Cup with my friends, but unfortunately, this problem prevented me from joining (because it requires at least level 25). At 100/100 TP you will go from profile badge level 22 to 23. You don't always get trophy points if you win or lose a game. I also followed your instruction: my my match is publicly exposed. If you compare the screenshots you have played 8 matches, gained 2 experience trophy levels, thus gained 20 TP. I got 10 TP from 5 normal match, all pick category. Based on what I understand, gained points will depend on how you perform in the game, nonetheless, you will still get points either win or lose.This may be a stupid question, but how do you update your Playfire gamercard to reflect all of your trophies.Since yourgamercard will be gone I need 2 cards to submit a platinum and I can't figure out how to update playfire.

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