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Industrial Nameplate PREMIER ex Manning Wardle 1463 of 1899 scrapped at a unknown date. Research shows that only 20 policemen were employed by this company at Grimsby Docks and this is the only whistle of this nature to have survived. Enamel Advertising Sign for Swan & Health Brand Shoes.The plate was then fitted to Peckett 0-4-0 OC Locomotive number 1079, built 18th December 1906. Curved to fit a post and measuring 10 x 10 , this sign must be pretty unique because it directs one to Howcrofts, Fold Street, 1st Turning Left. Enamel Advertising Sign for Salters Scales, West Bromwich.This page is for anything related, in any way, either directly or indirectly, to football teams in the UK and football teams in Spain.

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However, the England football team themselves, usually don't do so well in the world cup, (apart from winning the World cup in 1966!!!It only lasted a few years, being closed on 21 September 1914. GWR Brass Gangers Occupation Key engraved Possession of this Key authorises Ganger to occupy the line between CIRENCESTER and KEMBLE .Cirencester Town served the GWR and this station closed to passengers 6th April 1964 and to goods 18 months later. It is doubtful whether a rarer plate will ever come onto the market because the Great Western Railway opened a platform to serve the popular Preston Sands beach in Paignton on 24 July 1911.It was mainly served by the steam rail motors that had been introduced earlier that year to compete with the trams then running between Paignton and Torquay.

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