Ics email widget not updating fb liquidating estate

On the Samsung galaxy s III you can change the content on your lock screen in many ways.Change the background image You can as with previous versions of the android Os change the background image on your galaxy s3. However, I wonder what email sources it is reading from? It seems to be only the email application and does not look at any mail coming in on the gmail app.I just upgraded to rooted ICS using Dalepl's ROM and I love it so far.

It allows you to use an i Calendar link to display a list of events on your Word site. Note that the styling will vary depending on your theme. Google Calendar is a free calendar application from Google you can use to create a calendar and get an i Calendar URL.This feature can be used for any kind of event list, but it was created especially with musicians in mind so they can rock the web with a list of tour dates. ↑ Table of Contents ↑ If you want more than just a list, feel free to embed a Google Calendar.↑ Table of Contents ↑ Why aren’t my calendar changes showing up right away?If you have the refresh icon displayed on your calendar page, or widget, click it – it will force the ical file to be fetched again.Hover over the refresh icon to see the last date and time that the cache was refreshed.

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