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The author of this Code claims no originality in the method of abbrevia- tion employed. Gerlaoh, The Phillips Code, Telegraph 4 Telephone Age, New York, 1945. Evans, Scientific Speed Shorthand, Zanesville, Ohio: Barnes A Noble, New York, 1946.

It is the method of the well-known Phillips oode, introduced in 1879 by Walter Polk Phillips, of Massa- chusetts (1846-1920), expert telegraph- er, brilliant journalist, and able ad- ministrator, who later became general manager of United Press. Dearborn, Speedwriting, The Natural Shorthand, School of Speedwrit- ing, New York, 1937. Thorndyke and Irving Lorge The Teacher's Word Book of 30,000 Words New York, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1944. EXAMPLES OF THE CODE IN USE WASHINGTON— (UP)— PRESIDENT TRUMAN RELEASED PART OF THE GOVERNMENT'S EX- TRAORDINARY WARTIME POWERS TODAY BY DECLARING THE PERIOD OF HOSTILITIES ENDED AT NOON.

Born on 21st April, 1982 (Taurus) in Queens, New York City, New York, United States and educated at Northern Nash High School, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, United States, he is famous for 106 & Park (2006-2012).

There are quite a few practices that you will stumble across while you are surfing the internet which will make you pause and ask yourself: “This cannot be real, can it?

” Phenomena such as Furfaggotry, Scientology, and infantilism often bring internet users to such moments, and the conclusion is almost always “this has got to be a troll.” Prepare yourself for another one of these moments when you discover the Real Life Super Hero Registry. There are people out there, dressed in spandex tights and long capes, who think that they are actually real life super heroes.

“Elaine has long been a vocal advocate for improving the delivery of education to our state’s children,” Sandoval said.“Am I willing to increase revenues to fund more government spending?

“From her service to our state as co-chair of the Education Reform Blue Ribbon Task Force to her continued work with students in the greater Las Vegas area, Elaine is a dedicated champion for education and I am pleased she has agreed to serve in this manner.” Elaine Wynn.

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