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Holliday is not one to compromise on style —probably because she ran her own fashion business once upon a time!The Patriots web site reported that she owned a boutique named Blue Indigo from 20.Boston tabloids have suggested on more than one occasion that the two may be engaged, though we raise an eyebrow at that declaration.Bill Belichick’s girlfriend proudly defines herself as “Girlfriend,” on her Instagram bio.

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The couple has been together for the better part of a decade.

Both of the couples share a common feeling of being out of a long-running relationship and our sources confirm they are not planning to marry each other till today's date.

A big part of why Bill Belichick is such a good coach and so well respected is because he holds all his players equally accountable.

While Teigen's husband, crooner John Legend, was labeling the incident 'Spy gate' and celebrity and sports websites were quick to shame the 4-time Super Bowl winner, his longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday wondered, 'who didn't check her out in this photo?

Parents of three adult children named Brian, Stephen and Amanda, Bill Belichick and his former wife Amanda Debby Clarke Belichick divorced each other long ago in 2006. Let's take you back in time when everything was alright.

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