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See detail for Handle Engraving by clicking on the magnifying glass on the detail page.We can also engrave up to 4 characters on the badge shield like a year or years of service or initials.Clapp, who had a large amount of available cash, then made a very strong house, and the business was planned upon a scale magnificent for its time.Skillful artisans were tempted out of England and goods rivaling the best quality of Sheffield work were soon in the market stamped with the bold legend, “American Cutlery.” Buyers were, however, skeptical and rather repelled by the name which confessed domestic origin, inexperience, costly labor and imported materials. They dream of finding a Scagel, a fine bowie or an old Case knife at garage and estate sales.

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My dad worked at Western Cutlery in Boulder, Colorado, in the late 1930s, and I did concrete contract work for the company after it moved to the outskirts of Boulder on Western Avenue.These buildings were burned shortly after their occupation, and then, joined by his brother Francis, they proceeded to establish the “Green River Works”, using water-power from the river of the same name.Their first products were chisels and the place was for many years known as the “chisel factory.” The co-operation of Henry W.We work with many corporate customers ranging from golf clubs, to hotels, caterers, offices, restaurants, and many more.Our attention to detail and quality equipment, coupled with our exceptional service is why our corporate customers rely on us.

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