Gibson guitar headstock script dating

A lot of this information is already out there floating around like tiny puzzle pieces, and all I’m trying to do is collect it in one place.

Of course it’s a seemingly impossible task, so I did/do need help.

This model also features Min-Etune™ – a compact, battery-powered tuner that delivers up to 100 tunes on a single charge.

Using Min-Etune means your guitar will be pitch perfect in seconds and, as the unit is mounted to the back of the headstock, the guitar’s appearance will remain the same.

The details given below may seem to be of little intrinsic interest, but they show why it is often impossible to tell how old a given instrument might be.

Almost everyone knows that the dobro was developed by the Dopyera brothers (who later Americanized the spelling to "Dopera"), Czechoslovakian immigrants who came to America in 1908, and that Dobro is an anagram formed from "DO pyera BRO thers." All five of the brothers, John, Robert, Rudolph, Louis, and Emil were involved to some extent, though John, Rudy, and Ed (Emil) were most involved in production. Was it 1928, as some histories say, or 1929, or was it in 1926 or 1925 as other sources imply? The bluegrass dobro as we know it (woodbodied, with a single resonator, 8-legged aluminum spider, and raised nut) apparently was first produced in 1928.

Howdy folks, I recently bought a A-style blonde flat-backed mando.

The timeline is a working document and subject to corrections as new evidence material surfaces.2) This flyer was dated to 1931 by some researchers (Fisch, Gruhn, Carter). Furthermore, guitarist Carl Kress who was prominently featured in the 1932 catalog is no longer mentioned (Kress became a Gibson endorser by 1933).There are two slightly different versions of this flyer, the later one reflecting changes to the models Blackstone (new price , "brown mahogany") and Olympic (new price ).Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music filled in some missing pieces too.These three guys are just so great for sharing what they know.

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