Updating iphone 1 1 4 to 2 0

For those who haven't read about this, the problem first appeared in the fall of last year, and affected many i Phone 6 and i Phone 6s models.It resulted in the battery charge level abruptly plunging from levels over 50% to 1% or else the phones would inexplicably turn off altogether—only to display charge levels of 20% or more as soon they were plugged in again.The Video LAN non-profit organization is joining the Alliance for Open Media, to help developping open and royalty-free codecs and other video technologies!More information in our press release: Video LAN joins Alliance for Open Media.But not many features were enhanced or added in the major update.Audacity 2.0.1 comes along and fixes several bugs, but also introduces some extremely useful features.

If you previously installed the Google Maps SDK for i OS from a zip file containing a static framework: Migration from 1.3.x: Version 1.4 introduces changes to accessibility and ground overlays.

But the good news, as noted above, is Apple has finally offered up some new information.

The gist of it is that the company says its most recent software update, i OS 10.2.1, is putting an end to the shutdowns in many cases.

Note that downloads from this website, git repositories on code.videolan.org, the wiki and the forum are not affected.

Important: Any communication send to email addresses on the domain (aka [email protected]) won't reach the receiver.

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