Dating in senegal

And because I don't know any Senegalese women there is no one for me to ask.I have also found that non-verbal cues are not universal. Relations between men and women can have a number of challenges when people grew up in neighboring houses.Senegal has more positive energy than anywhere I’ve ever visited, even everywhere else combined.And sure, that’s a vague, new-agey thing to say but you’ll hear it from a lot of visitors.I was walking arm in arm with Angela, who I’d just met, because she was worried I was going walk into the street. Angela spun me around to face her, held my arm, looked me in the eyes, and stated, “They are liars. If you ask them if they’re lying and you say, ‘For real, what happened? But Senegalese men will say ‘It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me!My friend Althea was there too, translating for Angela and her friend. ’” Senegalese women constantly told me that the men are liars.In fact, I was warned when I arrived that many men pursue marriage with American women with the sole intention of obtaining an American green card.With this in mind, it’s hard not to be somewhat bitter about the whole situation.

I’m sure that they don’t approach Senegalese women in this way, and that a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’m a Westerner.

I personally am an older woman dating an older Senegalese man (40-50ish).

For reasons related to tribal/social customs, our dating is only known to certain male members of his family/community.

For the sake of ending the conversation, I respond, “.” (“Yes, I have a husband”) in the local Wolof language.

Now that I’ve been here three months, I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to men frequently asking me if I’m married.

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