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to provide affordable lessons of Russian language to clients.Specially designed video tutorials allow users to learn at home from professional teachers.The learning portal created special videos for Elena's Models to suit the needs of international love seekers."The success of a relationship depends on small details," dating coach stated.No company makes more of an effort to fight scam artists and provide an honest service than Elena's Models.In fact, Elena's Models is almost obsessed with rooting out scammers and keeping other international dating and mail order bride services on the up and up.If you get a letter from a woman at Elena's it is not one of these somewhat misleading letters of introduction.

Scams on Russian dating websites are as multiple as stars on the sky. Thus, in order to give you honest and reliable answers had to: a. to interview my husband, who had experience with dating websites and knows which are safe to use.

Though most agencies tell you their policy about introduction letters in the fine print of their registration page, this practice really sullies the industries reputation, because it is at best misleading and can easily lead to a man feeling he was scammed.

However, Elena's does not participate in this practice.

She was unmarried and desperately wanted a family — and she was willing to move across oceans to have it.

In 1997, she found a husband in the South Africa where she relocated, got married, and had two children.

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