Im 18 dating a 30 year old transgendered dating directory dating resources

She tells me that she has a soul connection with this guy.

However, she started having feelings with one of my homeboys, who is a great guy and much younger at the age of 21. I feel the same way, she keeps saying that age is nothing but a number which I understand, but she never been in a relationship before and has no dating experience.

Many parents in this situation fear that their 16-year-old will become pregnant or that her heart will be broken by this young man.

These are all valid questions and make the situation difficult to handle.

This could cause her to withdraw from the family in many ways and cause even bigger issues.Oh, and those belonging to some conservative religions as that power play can be part and parcel of the belief system.And from those, people seem to enjoy projecting it onto every large-age-difference couple. I kind of weirds me out a little, and my parents even had the 10 year gap, my father was 27/28 and my mother was 17/18 when they first met, I was born when my mother was 23.Even though we are both kind of rebels, for the first time, I find myself asking “Is society actually right this time?” So I could use an opinion, some advice or any wisdom.

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