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The theatre was Muskogee’s oldest and was managed and operated by he Proctor and Marsh Company.It closed in the early 1970’s and was demolished in 1977.With the slew of PG-13 action movies of recent years, it's refreshing to see one that at least acknowledges that many intense situations do involve language, sex, and mixed character reactions -- it wasn't just another black and white, good and bad movie where the good guy does only good things and the bad guy has only evil intentions. Hugh has proven himself once before in X-Men as a worthy actor, and he does it again in this film.The good guy didn't always do the right thing, and the bad guy could hardly be accused of sinister motives. He's the one that basically pulls you into this movie from the get-go and you actually feel for the poor guy.John Travolta, obviously, has a blast with yet another solid "bad guy" showing, redeeming himself after the lacklustre results of Battlefield Earth and Halle Berry must have enjoyed making this one, since it is a departure from her standard movie roles. There actually isn't as much action as you would expect in this film, but the opening and closing scenes in the film are some of the best action scenes I have ever seen and really hooks you into the film in the beginning and leaves you thoroughly entertained at the end.

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If you are having an issue with your account, contact us at [email protected] Civil Desk also processes foreclosures from the initial filing stages through the final auction stage of foreclosed properties.For domestic and family violence, sexual assault, stalking and teen dating violence, you should file for a Emergency Protective Order at the Family Safety Center.Proctor and Marsh operated all the Muskogee theatres at one time.February 6, 2006 at pm In 1970 while attending college in Warner, OK, the group I ran with regularly went to see movies at the Muskogee Ritz, a grand theater indeed.

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