Wpf datatrigger not updating dating membership software

Let me know in case you need any more information or clarification Thanks. This approach of doing things will work in my case and I will try this. Aonther point I want to add here is like if we are using the auto generated enitites as our Model, then writing the code in the setter of the "Is Selected" property will be over-ridden if the entity is auto generated again. As far as Auto Generated Properties, If the property is auto generated it depends on what you get Auto-Generated, as in if the Autogenerated code raises a property changed event, then you will subscribe to that event.

I also wanted to know like why the code in my case is not updating the property value even though it is binded in Two Way Mode. This is my first question in this forum and it helped. In this case we need to think of some other solution.

Item Container Style applies to the List Box Item that contains each element in your Items Source. Edit: after OP used the suggestion of the Item Template.

I tried to reproduce the example, and it works fine for me.

I really love the process of creating User Interface using MVVM, the process is so much natural !

So it would appear to me like the datatrigger is simply not being run, until the window is re-run.

What seems strange to me in the example is that you are using an Item Container Style instead of an Item Template.

INotify Property Changed is implemented and I have verified that this event is firing.

I cannot see anything obviously wrong and the same setup works for Node View Models which are also drawn in the same itemspanel.

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