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The Frazier museum has an astonishing collection of rare and historic arms, many from the world-class personal collection of the museums founder, Owsley Brown Frazier. In admiration of the rifle's 600 yard range, American Indians said that the Model 1866 could "shoot today and kill tomorrow".

What you see here is only a part of what the museum has on display and they often rotate the exhibits. Dance made two models of the revolver, an "Army" style in .44 caliber (above) and a .36 caliber "Navy" model. Spiller & Burr received contracts for 15,000 revolvers modeled after the Whitney Arms Company's Second Model Revolver. Patent Arms (Colt) "Texas" Paterson Number 5 holster revolver with extra cylinder 1838-1840. Remington Model 1875 Army, First Type, Second Issue, single action revolver, about 1878. Serial number: 79 Also known as the "Improved Army" or "Frontier Army", the Remington Model 1875 never achieved the success of Colt's Model 1873 Army single-action revolver as a cavalry pistol, but it was the preferred weapon of the Indian Police of the Department of the Interior. Caliber: .36 Serial number: 34549 After fire devastated Colt's production line in 1864, only Remington was able to step in and fill government contracts.

Caliber: .50-70 After the Civil War, the government converted thousands of surplus arms from percussion muzzle-loaders to single-shot breechloaders by adding a hinged cover, or "trapdoor", over a chamber for inserting cartridges.

This gun became legendary when Texas Ranger Captain J. Hays and fifteen men armed with Paterson revolvers and rifles defeated eighty Comanches. Patent Arms (Colt) "Texas" Paterson Number 5 holster revolver with extra cylinder 1838-1840. Caliber: .45 Serial number: 159506 Middle: Springfield U. Model 1866, Second Model, "trapdoor Springfield" rifle.

The Treaty of Versailles model is available in a small quantity. If you lose your german luger serial number database doesnt mean it will prevent unauthorized access to specify additional Windows programs, . Army, Navy, Police Steyr Hahn, Steyr 08/34; Cz: 24, 27, 38; Radom, Bergman Bayard, Norwegian M1914, FN Is there any information available on the year of manufacture of a Mauser Luger based on serial number? Where is the official serial number located on a luger? The Luger P08 pistol, also referred to as the Pistole Parabellum, was first produced in 1900. FRUITY LOOPS FOR MAC FREE DOWNLOAD FULL VERSION Is there any information available on the year of manufacture of a Mauser Luger based on serial number? Main page; Auction: 9737772 This gun is in great condition. The story of the famous German firm DWM through its most renown pistol designed by Georg Luger PRICE DROP: Greetings, I am offering for sale a very nice 1900 American Eagle Luger.

Luger P08 was one of the German infantry small arms . German military markings and serial numbering can be . I have a DWM luger 9MM Serial number 6388 It has no date on it or model The strap has S. Beretta assumes no liability for consequential, punitive or other damages (except as set forth herein) related to a warranty claim.A service and/or handling charge may be required for non-warranty repairs.This weapon, a copy of the Colt 1851Navy type revolver, was considered the best best quality Confederate pistols of the war. Smith & Wesson Model 1 Second Issue revolver, 1860-1868. The barrel tips up so the cylinder can be removed for loading and unloading. More powerful than the .22 caliber Model 1 and streamlined for a quick draw from a coat or trouser pocket. The "top-break" action allowed fast reloading and the use of more reliable, powerful center-fire ammunition. Civilian hunters hired by the Army also used the Model 1866, among them, Buffalo Bill Cody who nicknamed his rifle "Lucretia Borgia".

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