Dutch reformed dating

We believe that God’s nature is revealed in a plethora of ways, but especially through the life and teachings of Jesus.We believe that God’s love and Christ’s example can help us be more than we could be on our own: more authentic, more empowered, more caring, more purposeful, more fulfilled, more at peace, and more joyous. Chosen to be God’s children and called to serve God’s world.The Netherlands has a long history of social tolerance and is generally regarded as a liberal country, having legalised abortion, prostitution and euthanasia, while maintaining a progressive drugs policy.

And yet, as people who appreciate our past and prepare for our future, we seek faithfully to live, worship, and serve in the now. We are a community of people on a shared journey of life and Faith.

Persons of same-sex attraction should not be denied community acceptance solely because of their sexual orientation and should be wholeheartedly received by the church and given loving support and encouragement.

Christian homosexuals, like all Christians, are called to discipleship, holy obedience, and the use of their gifts in the cause of the kingdom.

He had lived with the Ackerman family in Allendale for a time while he worked in the area. The Skunk Hollow Cemetery is a small African-American church cemetery located in Alpine in Palisades Interstate Park, near the New York State line and Route 9W. Population: 1909-300; 1918-448; 1940-626; 1980-1,549; 1990-1,716. Hunter (appointed ), George Breisacher (), Alfred Christie (), and John G. In 1641 the Achter Col Colony, extending northward from Newark Bay toward Tappan, N. Today Bogota receives mail through the Hackensack Post Office (Bogota Branch, with a Zip Code of 07603). The place was named in honor of the organizer of the settlement, Dr. Carlstadt village was formed March 12, 1860 within Lodi Township. Other early Cresskill Postmasters included Charles E.

borough organized and incorporated November 10, 1894 (referendum November 8, 1894) from area taken from Orvil, Hohokus, and Franklin Townships. It was named for the station established here on the Ramapo & Paterson Railroad (later Erie main line; now Conrail), which had been named for Joseph Warner Allen, the enginer who had surveyed the route of the railroad. Among the family names represented here are Crum, Gecox, Pearsall, Tavinere, Van Sciver, and Ver Valen. Bergenfield Post Office -- The Bergenfield Post Office was established with John Z. Other early Bergenfield Postmasters included Charles B. General Information -- A station in 1918 on the West Shore Railroad and the New York, Ontario and Western Railroad (one station used by both lines). In 1895, part of its area went to Teaneck Township, and on May 3, 1921 part of its area went to Overpeck Township. A Rural Bogota Station of Hackensack was established May 1916 and was discontinued 1923. Population: 1909-800; 1918-3,000; 1940-7,346; 1980-8,344; 1990-7,824. The vicinity probably was known by the name of Carlstadt from 1851 when The German Democratic Land Association bought the site. Cresskill Post Office - Cresskill Post Office was established 30 January 1863 with Henry Ferdon as the first Postmaster.

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