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“It’s something I’ve actually found has been very helpful and useful, having this ability,” says Henry, who’s single.“I’m probably one of the few people who can figure out whether there’s a second date before the first one even starts.” While he may not have a significant other to rely on, Henry has plenty of devoted support, both from a celebrity following and a devoted fan base that propelled “Hollywood Medium” to E!Those born in the late 1990s and onwards at this point in 2017 are almost twenty; this is the age of adventure, cramming, and of course relationships, sexual or not.With much thanks to Apps, like , that have come out more recently, young people on college campuses are hooking up and exploring with individuals that they would maybe never encountered otherwise.They worry about us not dating, but at the same time are concerned if we are seeing the right people, or what ever else we are doing with them.

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Here at Hollywire, we’re obsessed with , so you know our girl, Chelsea Briggs, just had to reach out to her! PNG" st_via="Hollywire" st_username="", then there’s a chance your body has been taking over by goosebumps.

Just ask 20-year-old “Hollywood Medium” star Tyler Henry, whose E!

reality show — which kicks off its second season Wednesday night — connects celebrities with departed loved ones.

“I think that shows such as ours revolve around one of the biggest questions we all have, which is, ‘What happens when we die and what does it all mean? (He says his family got the notification call minutes later.) When he graduated from high school early, around age 16, he considered a career as a hospice nurse and started taking community college courses while also doing sessions as a medium.

“I figured either way I could help people,” he says.

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