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As emergency crews were emptying Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, relocating scores of patients after power went out in the Hudson hospital Wednesday night, county officials sent a news release with a phone number that relatives could call to track them down. "Hey there, hot stuff," a woman moans when the call connects. Pasco County spokesman Doug Tobin said Thursday that the county's emergency management staff gave him the wrong number and the mistake was caught quickly.

" Ten minutes after the first news release, the county sent another with the right number.

Among its key findings, the study by Abacus Data revealed three quarters of Canadian women surveyed are at least as happy as they were 10 years ago, with many (44%) saying they are happier and 31% saying they feel the same.

The single women who were trying to imagine any kind of dating life, were struggling.Tobin said he wasn't aware of any families who called the first number.For the record, the correct number is toll-free 1-877-344-1313, option 9. A Field Guide to Therapy, Plus, Spring Style Preview: Shoes and bags for Days (& Nights) 2017 Survey: Sex, Lies & Laundry – The Secret Lives of Canadian Women.Gather news and expert advice on a wide range of topics including family, house maintenance, finance management, pet care, books and movies recommendations, timely notes and lists.

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