Roy chiu and rainie yang dating

Surprisingly, the half year-old relationship is rumored to have already ended.

At an event yesterday, Joe Chen said, “He and I are friends who no longer interact or stay in-touch.” Joe Chen revealed last August that she and her boyfriend of 4 years have broken up.

Joe Chen wrote a blog entry on February 11th saying, “I think, (I can) leave now, and not to come back anymore... Don’t link me and him together anymore.” She stressed that they are only friends who got along during filming.Roy has been in China since early 2013 filming the modern C-drama with Li Sheng and the drama filming took only 2 days off for Lunar New Year before resuming its hectic production schedule.The C-media dropped the juicy gossip that Tia Li, who co-starred with Roy in , visited him on set in Shenzhen.He confirmed that Tia did visit him on set, but also other friends such as TW-actor Li Wei visited because he was missing friends.He didn’t have any time off but his Taiwanese friends did so he texted folks and some happily came to visit him.

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