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It’s all because of a lack of confidence in that area. No doubt about it: Women love a man who’s capable of having emotional responses to things.

But here’s the great news: ANY man can learn to communicate attraction-building confidence by mastering five simple, not-so-obvious behaviors that have a huge impact on how women “see” him.#1: Be Direct A lot of guys fail with women due to a chronic disease…they aren’t direct enough. Today more than ever, a guy who can show real feelings and passion about the important things in his life (his family… It shows that he knows what he wants and is passionate about going after it.

Any guy who feels shy, inexperienced, or insecure around women knows for a fact that saying and doing the right things to spark attraction can seem incredibly difficult — even impossible. TELL her you want her to join you, preferably in doing something that you’re passionate about. point is, you’re showing her that you have a life and want to be with her…also known as broadcasting CONFIDENCE.#2: React emotionally…to the RIGHT things.Much of e Harmony’s philosophy regarding relationships has to do with placing physical attraction lower on our list of selection criteria, because when looking at “long-term” relationship success, physical attraction doesn’t rank very high.In other words, when talking to couples that have been successfully married for many years they rarely list “physical attraction” as one of the core issues that has led to their success.If you stop talking and she re-initiates the conversation, you’ve got a live one here. Get things moving to where you want to go and lead from there.

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    If you prefer bedroom gymnastics to intimate conversations, or simply haven’t got the time to put into a full blown relationship, then why not scratch that itch and find the company you crave quickly, easily and with no hassle?