Online dating for sports fans

"It made sense to launch the app in our home town before the Super Bowl, so we can engage this massive audience of sports fans." Love for Sports also features in-app purchases including Super Messages, which enables users to send messages to other users before a connection is made, and Events, which enables users to create events at any location and and invite others.Both of these features are currently free until Super Bowl LI has ended.Yet it's actually pretty annoying unless she's actually a Jets fan.YOUNG SINGLE GUY: I don't want a girl to pretend to like something just because I like it. OLD MARRIED GUY: This might just be sour grapes from a guy who was never in a band, but I always felt bad for the girls who'd hang out at some cheesy, barely talented guy's band practice.Love for Sports has strategically placed the official launch date just days before Superbowl LI, which is taking place on Sunday, Febuary 5 in Houston, Texas."We're a Texas-based company, with the majority of our team in Houston," said Griffin."But we are seeing now the shift of social networks - a seismic one.Apps like Meerkat, Snapchat - they are not networks in the classical sense, but utilities people use when the need arises.

“Being avid sports fans ourselves, our goal is to create a resource for fans to come together and find the person they're looking for, with organized sports as the common connection.” By merging sports, social, and geolocation, fans can connect with people and invite them to join fan-based teams.YOUNG SINGLE GUY: So my friend brought his new girlfriend to our Super Bowl party. That's the guy version of meeting a girl's parents. But I've always considered girls and sports a potentially dangerous cocktail. I dated a girl for a bit that had a nasty (as in good, Josh) jump shot and it just made her sexier.YOUNG SINGLE GUY: Meeting the friends is definitely a big step. YOUNG SINGLE GUY: Sounds like you did a lot of drinking then. But watching sports with a girl is totally different beast.Join for free and take advantage of free email, chat, forums and more.Sports Online Personals Sports Online Personals is an online site for sport lovers, athletes and sports fans in general.

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